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Let it be a day that lasts a lifetime

Nestled on a secluded piece of property along the banks of the Cascade River,

our very private wedding venue promises you a world-class experience unmatched anywhere.

A large piece of property overlooking the rushing river gives endless options to make your day exactly how you want it, The Cascade River House provides the environment, the menu, the upscale services,

and the grand experience your guests will long remember.

A reception luncheon or dinner at the Cascade River House assures your particular taste in ambience and superb service.

Your selection of flowers, favors and music paired with our gourmet menu, linens, dinnerware, wines, liquors and wedding cake will blend to create the wedding you have always dreamed of.

We will make every professional effort to reflect your personal vision of excellence. And while you are enjoying the grand affair, the entire Cascade River House is yours alone. Let it be a day that lasts a lifetime.

The Cascade River House property—like the day you’ve waited for—is one of a kind.

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